Abandoned kittens fill Saginaw animal shelter during summer months, now they are looking for forever homes

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SAGINAW COUNTY (WJRT) - It's been a busy summer for Saginaw County Animal Care and Control Center.

They've been flooded with cats and kittens being dropped off at the shelter.

Since June 3, the shelter has seen 96 cats and kittens come through their intake process.

While that number is very high, Animal Control director Bonnie Kanicki says she's okay with it being so large.

"They're dropped off here for the right reasons,” said Kanicki. “Either they found them and wanted to give them care or they're in a position where they can no longer care for them. People know they're going to get medical attention, people know they're going to get fed and cared for well here."

Kanicki said in one week alone last month 29 cats were brought.

"We've had people find Rubbermaid bins full of kittens on the shoulder of the road and bring them in and those were only weeks old,” said Kanicki. “We had a gentleman on a bike ride up and drop off a kitten at the front door and ride away on his bike. So we have had an influx of cats dropped off at the shelter even during business hours when we're open."

If you do come across an abandoned animal, bringing them to a shelter or rescue is your best bet. But Kanicki said there’s another way you can lend a hand helping rescue animals – by donating.

"When they donate to the shelter or when they donate to a local rescue that goes towards a very worthy cause to help care for these animals to get them to the point where they can be ready for adoption,” said Kanicki. “We do have people coming in pretty steadily to adopt our cats and our kittens and we're very grateful for that."

Right now, the shelter has 20 cats and kittens available for adoption.

That number is expected to rise as intakes meet the age limit for adoption and get medically cleared.

If you'd like to find how to rescue a furry friend or donate click on the links attached to this story.

The Saginaw County Animal Care Center is located at 1312 Gratiot Ave. in Saginaw. Their hours are Monday through Friday 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.

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