Achieving fitness goals in 2018

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GRAND BLANC (WJRT) - (12/31/17) - Many of us have made some kind of fitness resolution at one point or another, whether it was prompted by a new season, a change in your life or a new year.

ABC12's Elisse Ramey spent some time talking to cycling class members at Genesys Athletic Club about what keeps them committed to fitness.

The class is usually 60 minutes. Sunday the 'spinning into the new year' workout lasted an extra half hour.

"I like the group atmosphere of it, and I like that it's a great cardio workout as well as a good muscle workout," Michelle Reno said.

Reno used to be a cross-fitter and when she got injured she found that spin was something she really liked. But making the commitment to do it, is something that's different for everyone.

"I have to workout first thing in the morning, like if i don't do it first thing in the morning it doesn't get done. So I'm usually here at 5 a.m. to do it before work," Reno said.

"Friends, find friends and I commit to them and we pick a time and we show up," Marissa Mayberry said.

Mayberry likes the workout and meeting new people. It's the same reason why Stacy Pillera joined GAC eight years ago.

"When I graduated and then I had a family, and then I was a stay at home mom, I wanted to do something that was for myself," Pillera said.
"I also wanted adult interaction, so that's what motivated me to go to the gym, so I could talk to other grown ups."

Stacy is now a group fitness instructor and her company Olympus Fare also sponsored Sunday's class. She says everyone starts at different levels, depending on their fitness.

Prana Yoga's Jennifer Whipple shared her take on New Year's Resolutions.

"Resolutions are based in the notion that we're broken, that we need fixing so we set a resolution; we break it," Whipple said. "In yoga, we set a resolution called San Calpa and intention is based in the notion that you're already pretty amazing but you might need a little bit of work, a little polishing to bring that out."

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