Administrators say Kearsley Community Schools are safe despite rumors and threats

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GENESEE TOWNSHIP (WJRT) (2/20/2018) - Rampant rumors among students and on social media led a number of parents to keep their children home from Kearsley Community Schools on Tuesday.

But administrators say the situation has been investigated thoroughly and they don't believe a credible threat exists against the district.

Kearsley Superintendent Patti Yorks said some students approached staff last week after seeing what they perceived as a threat on social media. The district immediately contact the Genesee Township Police Department, which launched an investigation.

Police determined the alleged threats being made were not credible and the schools are safe. However, Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton brought up the incident Monday as one of five school threats his office learned of since last week.

That led to fresh concerns about alleged threats made on social media, according to parents who were concerned about their children's safety at Kearsley schools on Tuesday.

In a letter to students and parents on Tuesday, Yorks said school officials work closely with police when threats are reported and all threats are taken seriously.

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