Kinesio taping method aims to keep runners going during Crim

Published: Aug. 23, 2019 at 11:54 AM EDT
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It looks simple enough. But these small pieces of tape can have a big impact.

"It keeps my muscles warm and helps with joint mobilization for me too," says one patient.

Linda Gibbs, Co-owner of Advanced Physical Therapy Center, says kinesio taping is one of the best ways to keep issue areas strong during high endurance activities.

"It will help them get through if they have an injured area, or muscles are tight or swollen, said Gibbs. "It will help decrease the swelling and decrease the pain and increase their muscle endurance."

While the taping does lend extra support and stability, it won't have the same effect as something like a brace. However, Gibbs says it offers the perfect in between for people needing just a bit of help.

"It will kind of give them a little bit of support. Their muscles will work better, and they won't be compensating when there running," said Gibbs. "If you feel like you have a little bit of a tweek in an area or muscle, you might compensate putting more weight on the other side or twist your foot in a different way, so it will help them not compensate when they're running keeping better form."

That's why Advanced PT is offering stretching and taping for free to all runners before they hit the bricks.

"We are tape and stretch people, so we will get them ready for the Crim so they can have a great Crim run," said Gibbs.

Advanced Physical Therapy Center will be offering these taping sessions from 6:30 until 12:30 at the Flat Lot in downtown Flint.