After more than 60 years performing, John Mayall still has the blues

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AUBURN HILLS (WJRT) - (09/25/2016) - "It's really terrific, you know," 82 year old John Mayall says as he embarks on yet another tour of the United States. "It's what I love to do and it's just fortunate that people also seem to get attracted to it."
Mayall should be used to bringing fans out in droves throughout his 60 years performing music. And the man who's Bluesbreakers band sprung the careers of Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Mick Fleetwood and many others, plays yet another sold out show at Callahans Music Hall in Auburn Hills Tuesday.
"It's gonna be great having the new band coming out for you. And we haven't been to Detroit in awhile, so can't beat that."
The new trio John mentioned for this tour are Greg Rzab and Jay Davenport. And fans will not only get to see them play, but could have the chance to meet the legend himself as he regularly visits the merch table before and after his concerts.
"I've got the choice of sitting in the band room doing nothing and waiting to go on, or actually coming out and meeting the audience, the people that are paying to see you. So it's always something that I like to do."
Even after more than 50 albums, Mayall also still likes to create new music, putting out Find A Way To Care last year, and he even has another album that should be out by the end of this year.
"For me the music is always moving on. So there's always plenty of material and ideas when it comes time to make another one."

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