Ag Community Relief driving presents to wildfire-ravaged south

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(WJRT) (12/21/2017) - Members of the Ag Community Relief organization spent Thursday filling a truck full of gifts for more than 30 kids in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas.

Eddie Fahley is driving down to the six families that he's actually never met before. But, he's making sure they have a Merry Christmas this year.

"I mean we could've shipped it, but I felt it was a little more personal you know if we hand-delivered some of this stuff and actually got to meet the families," he explained. "So, I'm looking forward to the adventure."

He's got 1100 miles ahead of him to bring presents and Christmas dinner to six families who lost everything in the wildfires back in March.

"Whether it was that they lost their ranch or they were - the one family, the gentleman was a firefighter that got injured in the process of the fires and is unable to work now," Fahley said.

This will be Fahley's 4th support trip to the area.

"275 days ago I got a simple phone call that has turned into all of this," he said.

The effort has become a non-profit organization, Ag Community Relief. It's farmers working to help their fellow farmers across the country take on any disaster.

Matt Schaller started it all 9 months ago.

"You can do something as simple as put a post out there and get a whole state behind your effort," he explained. "And now, the whole country from one side to another seems to want to help."

Schaller said donations for this Christmas surprise have come in from across the country and even Europe.

"In the Ag Community as a whole, neighbor doesn't just mean a mile away, neighbor could mean across the United States," Fahley said.

"And I wish we could jump in and take care of every situation; but you know, for the size that we are now, we're doing the best we can," Schaller added.

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