Alleged parking lot stalker may have targeted women in Genesee County

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SAGINAW COUNTY (WJRT) (8/9/2018) - Police believe the 43-year-old man accused of stalking women with a bizarre scheme in Saginaw County store parking lots may have targeted women in Genesee County years ago.

Police say Kurt Fulton used some of these items to stalk women in store parking lots around Saginaw County in 2007.

Kurt Fulton was convicted of aggravated stalking in 2007 in Saginaw County. After getting out of prison, police believe he did this in Genesee County too, at least twice.

Authorities say Fulton placed objects underneath tires of women's vehicles while they shopped and stalked them -- sometimes with binoculars -- when they got out and often bent over to see what they ran over as they tried to drive away.

In 2007, Saginaw County Sheriff Bill Federspiel said Fulton put VHS tapes and McDonald's apple pies under women's tires. Fulton was arrested Sunday after allegedly putting his own laptop computer under a 25-year-old woman's tire outside the Target in Kochville Township.

The sheriff's office arrested Fulton and he was arraigned Thursday on a new aggravated stalking charge. Because of his past conviction for the same type of crime, he also was charged as a habitual offender and could face up to more than seven years in prison.

"This type of sexually deviant behavior is disturbing," Federspiel said.

In all, he said eight people reported being victims of these type of stalking incidents since 2004. Two of them were in Genesee County -- one at Mott Community College in 2010 and another in Flint Township in 2017.

"These are the ones that we know have been reported," Federspiel said. "How many times has this happened where it hasn't been reported."

There were no criminal charges in the Genesee County incidents.

"Those two particular cases happened after he was charged and did some time on our case back in 2007," Federspiel said.

Fulton was ruled competent for trial in that 2007 case and eventually was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

"It sure does appear the competency should be looked at again," Federspiel said.

Investigators don't believe Fulton ever approached the women in the past case that lead to a criminal conviction, nor is he suspected of approaching the woman Sunday at Target.

Fulton remained in the Saginaw County Jail after arraignment on $80,000 bond.