Angel Tree Christmas party ensures children whose parents are incarcerated receive gifts

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FLINT, Michigan (WJRT) - (12/20/2017) - Flint's Angel Tree Christmas Party makes sure children of incarcerated parents do not go without this holiday.

Christmas cupcakes and a pile of presents awaited the children invited to the annual event.

Organizer Stacy Swimp says the event promotes reconciliation between the incarcerated parents and their children.

Parents, meanwhile, appreciate the opportunity it gives the parent-behind-bars to provide for their children at Christmas.

Organizer Stacy Swimp explains the overall goal of the program:

"To build a long term relationship with the families and also facilitate reconciliation with the mom or dad whose incarcerated, and the child," he said.

Tracy Getcy, who attended the event with her five year old daughter, said, :"I think it's a great thing that they would do that for them and for the children because it's not just them getting locked up, it's all of us, your whole family, it's not one person that suffers but it's everybody."

Metropolitan Baptist Tabernacle provided dinner for Tracy's family and friends.

Afterwards her daughter opened a Christmas gift from her Dad, who she hasn't seen in two years.

This year's party provided 183 children with gifts.

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