Genesee County Animal Control finishes its first phase of renovations

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FLINT (WJRT) (9/12/19) - Genesee County Animal Control has re-opened in a new multi-million dollar home.

The whole idea was to modernize Animal Control which was originally built more than four decades ago.

For pets being adopted at the Genesee County Animal Shelter, their stay going forward won't be as rough thanks to a more than $8 million renovation project.

"We're going from 1970s technology to 21st century technology," Animal Control Director Paul Wallace said. "Everything from their living quarters to the air-handling, and how we can disease prevention."

The first thing people notice when searching for a cute kitty are the new holding cages which have more room and options than before. Dogs will have 10 feet by 4 feet enclosures with a transfer door between compartments.

Cats will also have new and larger compartments.

"Separating their food from their litter by a physical wall is huge for a cat. No one wants to eat where they do their business," Wallace said.

Another huge improvement is the lack of the strong odor associated with housing so many animals at one time. A new HVAC system will circulate the air 12 times a minute.

There's even a separate system for the sick animal ward that will help prevent other animals from getting ill.

Those adopting like what they've seen so far, despite the ongoing construction.

Jim Bowers from Montrose came in to adopt a kitten.

"It's quite different than it used to be. A lot neater," he said. "Definitely, if you want to go high-tech, it's definitely a lot better than it was 15 years ago."

A new front lobby will have separate areas set up for adoptions, licenses and drop-offs to help speed-up waiting times, as well as outdoor areas for both dogs and cats.

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