Animal cruelty investigation under way after Millington horse euthanized

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MILLINGTON (WJRT) - (09/20/17) - Tuscola County Prosecutor Mark Reene is trying to find out why something wasn’t done to help a sick horse.

An animal cruelty investigation is under way.

“Obviously, over the last few days a lot of information has come to light,” said Reene.

That information was about the care of a horse on a Millington Township farm.

Steve Kolaja and his son saw a horse in distress, called 911 and posted pictures of the horse on Facebook Sunday night. Veterinarians consulted with the owner of the animal that was about 10 years old and it was euthanized on Tuesday.

Investigators say the horse had a neurological disease and was being cared for, but now Reene is looking into previous complaints about the care of this horse and two others on the property.

“You have information that animal control has, all that may not have been passed along or completely understood by law enforcement, so additional inquiries have been made,” said Reene.

He said a criminal investigation has been launched by the Tuscola County Sheriff's Department. The two other horses remain on the property. Veterinarians examined the condition of those animals Tuesday and Reene says their condition is good at this point in time.

“There are some concerns again with weight. That fluctuates with horses, so that's being examined,” said Reene.

The case has brought an outpouring of emotions on social media, even threats directed toward the owner of the horses, who we are not identifying. Reene said while social media can bring stories to light, the comments that follow after can cause more trouble.

“Sometimes maybe if people pause for five or ten seconds before they hit the send button, it may lead to a better result,” said Reene

He wasn't able to give a timeline on when a decision would be made on the possible criminal charges.

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