Animal outreach groups patrolling Flint neighborhoods for pets in peril

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FLINT (WJRT) (7/19/2019) - Several animal outreach groups were going around Flint on Friday helping pets left outside in the hot weather.

Some of residents who choose to leave their dogs outside signed up ahead of time for the volunteer service. Greater Flint Dog Outreach organizations, including Pets in Peril, planned to check on about 300 dogs Friday afternoon and evening.

Animal advocates are making sure dogs left outdoors have access to food, water and proper shelter in the sweltering temperatures.

For pet owners who didn't sign up for the volunteer service, they offered the following tips:

-- Bring dogs inside if possible, at least during the hottest hours of the afternoon and evening.
-- Make sure all dogs have food, water and shelter.
-- Providing a dish of water (with the owner's permission) can be life-saving for dogs in need.