Anniversary of hottest temperatures ever recorded in Mid-Michigan

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Temperatures in the 90s Wednesday afternoon may seem pretty hot, but this heat is nothing compared 1936. That’s when an incredible heat wave gripped Michigan in mid-July for over seven days.

Hot weather, the 1930s, sounds familiar doesn’t it? If the Dust Bowl came to mind, that’s correct. It was most famous for the drought and dust storms it brought across the Great Plains, but the impacts were certainly felt in Michigan as well.

High temperatures from July 7-14, 1936 all shattered daily record in both Flint and the Tri-Cities. Not only was the century mark exceeded every single day, but in some cases it was by more than ten degrees. In fact, the 108 degree record high still remains today as Flint’s hottest temperature ever recorded along with the Tri-Cities record shattering reading of 111 degrees.