Anonymous letter alleges Flint Community Schools misused spending

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FLINT (WJRT) - (08/18/17) - No return address, no signature, just a plea from the anonymous sender to look into "unethical actions and misuse and appropriation of Title I, Section 31a and other grant funds within Flint Community Schools."

Also included was an invoice from Feb. 16 showing the cost of $150,000 for three different leadership workshops.

"It's a little odd that someone has an invoice. It's just not something that would be out in regular circulation," said United Teachers of Flint President Karen Christian.

She was shocked by the allegations and hopes they're false.

The state says they're giving a timeline to the superintendent to have him and the district's Title I coordinator come up with a report of their investigation into the allegations.

That's due in three weeks.

Based off of their report, the MDE could send in a team to look through financial and personnel records and interview staff.

Christian says if any of the wrongdoings are true, she's worried about what's next.

"We as teachers have taken years of pay freezes and years of losing teachers and giving concessions to help make this district stay afloat. And so, we're really concerned about the fact that - if something did go wrong, this could cause even more issues for us coming up," Christian said.

The district says they take their job of overlooking public dollars seriously and, "... we will ensure a thorough investigation of every item posed in the anonymous letter. We will keep the community informed as the investigation progresses."

You can find a copy of the letter under 'documents' in this story.

We will keep you updated as we learn more.

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