App: Kids reply to parent's text message or phone is locked

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(WJRT) (1/8/2019) - The name of the app is ReplyASAP; and, it's exactly what the Dad who invented it, wanted his child to do.

"It's creative. That's really creative," Krik Boegner said. "But, this changes the game definitely."

For it to work, both the parent and child need to have the app installed on their phones. If you haven't heard from your child in some time, you type in the text message and hit send.

The phone freezes and sounds an alarm until your child hits cancel, which will give you a notification they read it. Or, they can hit snooze to remind them to respond 3 minutes later.

"My daughter is a full time student and she works full time and she's in several volunteer groups, so I know she's busy," Mom Jodi Spalding said. "But, I do like to hear from her. So, if it's been a couple of days, I'll get insistent that I would like a reply."

The mother of three knows her older kids might not agree to it, but she'd consider installing it when her younger child is old enough.

"It certainly is not an invasion of privacy for you to want to know or demand to know where your child is," Spalding added. "And, I think in the world today as it is, with human trafficking being such an issue, especially in Michigan, that knowing where your child is, who they're with, is imperative and it's a parent's obligation to keep your child safe."

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