Archeological dig continues on historical farm house in Saginaw County

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SAGINAW COUNTY (WJRT) - (10/07/16) - A part of Saginaw County's history is coming to light as an archeological dig continues at a historical farm home.

The search for evidence that an old log cabin existed on the property in Saginaw Township began last year. A year later, an archeologist believes he has found that evidence.

What is known about the property is that the Steltzriede family settled in the Brockway Road area in 1838, built a log cabin, and 10 years later, built a farm house.

The farm home remains, but if there was a log cabin on the property, where did it stand?

Jeff Sommer is curator of archeology at the Castle Museum in Saginaw. The museum's goal is to learn more about the history of Saginaw and its surrounding communities.

During his digging, Sommer has found a foundation, which is not from the cabin. He has been sifting through dirt to find artifacts from that time period.

“Would be a period when the first big influx of settlers coming into this area,” he said.

There is another area, where garbage was dumped, but in a hole, he hit pay dirt - so to speak.

“The cellar of the cabin, and we are assuming the cellar was directly under the cabin, that seems to be the pattern in this area,” Sommer said.

Chuck Hoover, along with his wife Karen, bought the home in 1980, in part because of its history. Hoover started the Castle Museum, so a find like this is a big deal.

“Oh, it's fantastic,” Hoover said. “We knew where the house is, but we didn't know the cabin, so archeology is proving, yes, the cabin was here.”

Sommer says this is all of our history.

“During the process of development and building up, most of the evidence of these earlier sites are gone, so it's a real privilege to be able to find this material and tell this part of Saginaw's history,” he said.

The holes will be filled up before winter weather arrives, and Somer will be back out next spring to do more digging on the property.

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