Armoni's wish comes true: A new mother-daughter necklace

GENESEE COUNTY (WJRT) (12/12/2019) - Armoni didn't have much and has gone without what most children take for granted for most of her life.

Armoni, 11, received her wish of a mother-daughter necklace from Genesee County Sheriff Deputy Tim Samson.

When given a chance to write out her hopes and dreams, the 11-year-old wrote about gifts for others, except for one wish -- a special necklace that her mentor from the Genesse County Sheriff's Office helped come true.

The necklace was something special that reminded Armoni and her mother that no matter where they were, they were always in each other's hearts.

The mother-daughter necklace disappeared when the family lost their home. Armoni wished for another necklace for each of them and Sheriff Deputy Tim Samson wanted to make sure her wish came true.

He picked out a mother-daughter set of necklaces and delivered them to the Shelter of Flint. He then showed Armoni the picture he has kept in his car since the day they met.

Samson said he agreed to be her mentor to help her. But meeting someone with such a sweet heart helped him remember what truly matters at Christmas and always.

"I pray for ways to bless people. That was her blessing me," Samson said.

Armoni is one of several children at the Shelter of Flint who had a wish granted when they were treated to a day at the waterpark. Tag along with them at Zehnder's Splash Village on ABC12 News Thursday.