As pool season begins, make safety a priority

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MT. MORRIS TOWNSHIP (WJRT) (5/30/2019) - Tragedy struck at a mid-Michigan home Wednesday when a toddler died after falling into a swimming pool at his Lansing home.

The little boy found and rushed to the hospital where he died.

Police are investigating, but believe the drowning was accidental.

"All kids are drawn to water," explained Tim Conroy, Vice President of Macksood's.

And, he said, they don't all know how to swim.

Every Wednesday night, he hosts a Pool School, teaching his customers not only how to take care of their new purchase; but more importantly, how to keep their family and neighbors safe around it.

"Personally we believe in, you have little kids, you have to keep an eye on them, or you have to create barriers where they can't get into the product, you know, an in ground pool, above ground pool, or even a hot tub," he explained.

For above ground pools, that barrier is the 48 to 54 inch wall it's made of. What you have to worry about, Conroy said, is the ladder leading up to it.

"It's not expensive, all the ladders are set up to have locks on 'em. So, you're literally just buying a lock, to lock the ladder," Conroy explained.

For in ground pools, he suggested putting up a locked fence around it.

Conroy explained paying attention is key. If you have a pool alarm, he asked that you don't rely on it.

"They're worked off motion, so if somebody would slip into a pool without creating much of a wake, maybe the alarm wouldn't go off, maybe the batteries aren't being tested," he explained. "So, it's kind of relying on technology to keep a travesty from happening; and I would rather rely on a barrier, a physical barrier or eyeballs of parents, babysitters or older brothers or sisters."

Besides pools, Conroy added lakes and ponds can also be a danger for young kids.

For information on local swim lessons and Macksood's Pool School, which is open to the public, click on the 'Related Links' section of this story.

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