Ascension places restrictions on visitors due to widespread flu activity

Published: Feb. 4, 2019 at 5:55 PM EST
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(02/04/19)- Maybe you've had it or someone in your family has,

Flu season is now in full swing.

Monday, a Ascension healthcare network issued restrictions on visitors to it's hospitals across the country, including some right here in mid Michigan.

Officials with Ascension tell us widespread flu activity is the reason for the restrictions.

To make sure visitors and patients, are protected.

"What we are trying to do is prevent other people from getting sick or from our patients who are currently here from getting sick who are being exposed to the flu. We are asking for visitors to not come to the hospital if you have a cold or flu like symptoms including fever or a cough. We are asking that patients not have visitors under the age of 14, " said Ascension Genesys Hospital ER doctor, Sanford Ross.

Doctor Sanford Ross is an emergency room doctor with Genesys Hospital in Grand Blanc, one of the hospitals included on the restricted list.

Also on the list, St Mary's in Saginaw, St Joseph in

Tawas and Standish Hospital. Officials say after a slow start, the number of cases of the flu virus diagnosed in the ER, has increased.

Ascension also wants to limit the number of visitors for a single patient to two at a time.

Flu season starts in December and goes all the way through March.

Doctor Ross wants to remind people on the importance of washing your hands before, during and after your visit.

"We want you to see you loved ones, but we also want other patients some of whom are immunized compromised not to be exposed to your germs, so it may be difficult, but we are asking that you take those steps to avoid exposing other people to the flu other illness," Ross said.

Doctor Ross said if you haven't already, there's still time to get your flu vaccination

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