Assailant from St. Charles gas station abduction may have targeted other women

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SAGINAW (WJRT) (12/21/2018) - More women have come forward to report alleged run-ins with Jason Cox, who is accused of abducting a woman from the Marathon station in St. Charles.

Cox appeared in court Friday for a hearing on charges that he hid in the 26-year-old woman's car while she was inside the convenience store to pay for gas, kidnapped her, sexually assaulted her and then tried to run over her.

Other women claim 44-year-old Cox targeted them, as well. He is facing several felony charges, including assault with intent to murder, from the St. Charles case on Dec. 13.

He spoke quite often at Friday's court hearing today, where he told Judge Terry Clark that he does not want to delay next week's preliminary hearing.

"This is a very disturbing case," said Saginaw County Sheriff Bill Federspiel.

Cox served 20 years for a previous sexual assault case and was discharged from prison in January. He is on the state's sex offender registry.

Federspiel said since Cox's most recent arrest, other women have come forward, saying they may have been targeted.

"We have received multiple calls, I will put it that way, and we are looking at multiple investigations that may involve him in similar cases," he said.

One person's call was similiar to Thursday's incident.

"A complaint that we received that this individual, Cox, may have gotten in someone else's car, was thwarted or unable to complete the crime that he committed last Thursday," Federspiel said.

But he pointed out the sheriff's department, nor any other police agency, took any formal complaints about Cox before Dec. 13. Federspiel said this past crime may have been prevented if his department had known about a previous accusation.

"A crime that you see or something suspicious you see today and report may actually save someone's life tomorrow," he said.

Cox remains in the Saginaw County Jail with no bond offered. He faces up to life in prison in the St. Charles case if he is convicted of the most serious charges.

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