Assistant prosecutor who handled Sanilac County rape custody case off the job

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SANILAC COUNTY (WJRT) (10/19/2017) - The assistant prosecutor who handled the case in which Christopher Mirasolo got parental rights to a child he conceived in rape is off the job.

Sanilac County Prosecutor James Young apologized Wednesday for his office's role in relaying information to Judge Greg Ross, who granted Mirasolo limited parental rights to a new 13-year-old child in September. Ross reversed that decision on Wednesday.

On Thursday, the state Court Administration Office said the assistant prosecutor who worked on the paternity case, Eric Scott, no longer has a relationship with the prosecutor's office. It was not clear whether Scott was fired or if he resigned.

Tiffany, the child's mother, was raped by Mirasolo when she was 12 and became pregnant. She approached the court seeking government assistance, which lead to the paternity hearing.

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