Atherton Elementary staff go on 'tour' to distribute school supplies

Published: Aug. 13, 2018 at 5:15 PM EDT
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(08/13/18) -- Teachers and administrators with Atherton Elementary School spent their Monday morning on 'tour' distributing school supplies to students in several neighborhoods on a school bus.

Students were treated to pencils, books, crayons and even ice cream to get them geared up for the first day of school, which isn't too far off.

We wanted to get school supplies to the students, but also we wanted to come to them, it's always them coming to us to the school, we wanted to come to them," said Atherton Elementary Principal Susanne Carpenter.

Not only were the students thrilled to see their teachers prior to school starting, parents were excited as well.

Parents like Deborah Corkins say the bus tour helps out considerably when it comes to crossing items off on that list of school supplies that are needed.

She, herself knows that list seems to grow every year, but that doesn't matter to her.

What it comes down to is her children's well being and education.

"It helps my children to go through the school year just a little bit better. To know that they have tissue and hand sanitizer, to keep them healthier, I don't mind supplying that," Corkins said.

In all, staff made 10 stops Monday morning in a three hour time frame.

The distribution was made possible through an activity fund.