Attorney: Gov. Snyder's personal wealth at risk in Flint water crisis lawsuit

Published: Apr. 1, 2019 at 6:21 PM EDT
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(4/1/2019) - Former Governor Rick Snyder has been added back into the class action lawsuit brought on by Flint residents in the wake of the water emergency.

Judge Judith Levy ruled Monday he will be reinstated as a defendant.

Just last August, Judge Levy took him out of the case, but the lead plaintiff attorney, Michael Pitt, explained they brought her new evidence.

Pitt said their legal team re-wrote the complaint with new information on Snyder's alleged misconduct about a year into the transition of the water switch to the Flint River.

"He was receiving significant information that the contamination was causing harm to people, not withstanding that he basically ignored it," Pitt explained. "And, according to the Judge, actually engaged in a cover up by indicating that the water was safe when he had ample reason to say the opposite."

Pitt called the ruling a big win for the people of Flint. He's working to get them monetary compensation for what they went through as a result of the water emergency.

He explained the damages include people who got sick, people who passed away, property issues, the list goes on.

Pitt suggested Snyder start working with state lawmakers and his team, as they work to get the case settled outside the courtroom.

"We all know he's independently wealthy," he said. "And, his personal wealth is at risk now; and he should be working with his lawyers with us to try to to get the legislature to appropriate an appropriate settlement to get this matter resolved. Because if that happens, then his personal wealth is protected."

The next hearing is in May.

Again, Pitt said those who joined the suit are going to get paid, but how much and when is still up in the air.

The AG's Office is representing Snyder. A spokesman said, "It's too premature for us to comment at this time as we're reviewing the 128-page decision."