Baked goods from Mount Pleasant Meijer possibly tainted with Hepatitis A

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MOUNT PLEASANT (WJRT) (9/21/2017) - Baked goods sold at the Meijer in Mount Pleasant could be contaminated with Hepatitis A, state officials warned on Thursday.

A bakery worker from the store at 1015 Pickard St. tested positive for Hepatitis A on Thursday. Anyone who ate items purchased from the bakery between Aug. 23 and Sept. 20 may have been exposed to the virus, according to a press release from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

Affected baked goods will bear the Meijer Bakery label, including individual items such as single doughnuts and rolls from the self-serve case. Anyone who has any affected products in their home should discard them immediately. Freezing does not kill the hepatitis A virus.

Only products from the Mount Pleasant Meijer bakery are affected. There is no danger from bakeries at other Meijer locations or from other departments at the store.

The Health and Human Services Department says no illnesses have been identified from this exposure and the risk is low. However, health officials say anyone who ate baked goods from the Meijer should watch for symptoms of hepatitis A.

Symptoms include sudden onset of abdominal discomfort, dark urine, fever, diarrhea, and yellow skin and eyes. Time from exposure to onset of illness (incubation period) is typically 15 to 50 days.

Hepatitis A illnesses typically last several weeks to several months. Most people will recover with no lasting effects.

The Hepatitis A vaccine may provide protection against the disease if administered within two weeks of exposure. State health officials are urging anyone who ate baked goods from the Meijer to contact a physician to find out whether they qualify for the vaccine.

Meijer is offering the Hepatitis A vaccine for free at the Mount Pleasant store. It also will be available at other pharmacies around the city.

The Central Michigan District Health Department is working with Meijer to provide vaccines to any of their bakery employees and to ensure they are following recommend guidelines.

Anyone who already had Hepatitis A or received two doses of the vaccine don't need to worry about getting vaccinated again.

The best protection for avoiding a Hepatitis A infection is traditional handwashing precautions and thoroughly cooking foods to their recommended temperatures.

Anyone who develops symptoms of hepatitis A infection should stay home and contact their health care provider.

Anyone with questions or looking for assistance in locating the Hepatitis A vaccine is asked to the call the Central Michigan District Health Department.

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