Bancroft area residents walk away unscathed after tornado destroys house, barn

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SHIAWASSEE COUNTY (WJRT) (3/14/2019) - Residents in the Bancroft area of Shiawassee County were some of the first to feel the fast-moving tornado that touched down Thursday evening.

Thankfully, none of them was seriously injured.

Tanner Frederic was inside a barn when he saw rotation dropping from the clouds and heading his way. His phone started alerting him about a tornado warning, giving him seconds to take cover before the tornado hit full force.

"Never experienced this in my whole life and never thought it would happen," Frederic said.

Nearby, Jessica Fate was in a house with her daughter when the wind started howling. The roof got shifted six feet over as the tornado passed.

"The living room came bursting in and dropped to the ground and covered," she said.

The storm was racing northeast through eastern Shiawassee County at 60 mph.

"Five seconds it sounded like a train was going right by you and it lasted five seconds and it was gone," Frederic said.

The roof of the barn he was inside got ripped off and cinder block walls got knocked down. His man cave inside is now missing a wall.

After the storm passed, Fate was holding her dog, Bella, to help calm her down.

"Very thankful. It could have been a lot worse," she said.

Fate was still looking over the damage inside hours after the storm.

"We actually had to climb over everything," she said. "The entire ceiling was caved in, the couches were all pushed up into the kitchen where we were climbing over that the glass and the roof."

Clean up crews already were in the area a couple hours later beginning the long clean up. Neighbors pitched in to help each other and clear the roadways to allow emergency crews access to the area.

Shiawassee County Sheriff Brian BeGole said more than 50 structures in the county were damaged by the tornado and high winds. No deaths or serious injuries were reported.

This barn in Bancroft received heavy damage from a tornado Thursday.
This barn in Bancroft received heavy damage from a tornado Thursday.
A tree uprooted in front of this house in Bancroft during Thursday's tornado.

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