Bangor Township passes resolution to seek state emergency declaration for record high water levels

Published: Jan. 14, 2020 at 11:23 PM EST
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(01/14/2020)- Record high water levels and weekend flooding bring a small township together to look for answers, and help from the state of Michigan.

Tuesday night, the Bangor Township board unanimously passed a resolution, to ask the state for help.

The Township will seek an emergency declaration for the entire Michigan shoreline because of high water levels.

Bangor Township resident, Randy Swiecicki is glad to the township is being proactive. He is especially worried about flooding after last weekend's storm.

"In our yard, we had 6-8 inches in our pole barn, and we had water up to our house. So it was pretty scary," Bangor Township resident, Randy Swiecicki said.

That concern is why Randy came out to Tuesday's board meeting to hear what Township officials plan to do help save his home and the others from flooding.

"We're at the highest point in our history in our lake level history, it's not if we are going to get flooded, it's when we are going to get flooded," He said.

"With doing this resolution, which is now passed by the Bangor Township board, being handed off to our state leaders, where hopefully, they can do something similar that may open up a lot of avenues for us," said Township Supervisor, Glenn Rowley

In the meantime, Swiecicki hoping for the best and that the state helps.

But he also want the Township to prepare for the worst.

"That's great we are getting the federal government involved, but is there anything we should be doing right now, locally to try and alleviate some of these water problems," He said.

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