Bat with rabies found in Shiawassee County

The Shiawassee County Health Department says a bat with rabies was found in the area.
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SHIAWASSEE COUNTY (WJRT) (5/19/2020) - The Shiawassee County Health Department is urging extra caution with bats after confirming one was found with rabies.

A state lab confirmed the bat had rabies on Monday and the health department issued a notice on Tuesday.

Rabies is a fatal condition transmitted from animals through a scratch, cut or bite. Most cases of rabies occur in wild animals, but the illness can be transmitted to humans.

Any bats found in the same room as young children, mentally impaired or intoxicated people should be captured if possible and submitted for testing, the health department says.

Pets should remain up to date on their rabies vaccination. But bats should still be captured and tested if a pet has been exposed, according to the health department.

Anyone who encounters a bat in their home should follow these safety precautions:
-- Wear leather gloves and avoid touching the bat with bare skin.
-- Place a hard container over the bat and slide a lid underneath it to trap it inside.
-- Submit any dead bats for rabies testing and avoid freezing or destroying them.