Bay City Central High School student accused of bringing gun into building

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BAY CITY (WJRT) (5/15/2018) - A Bay City Central High School student is facing a possible gun charge after allegedly bringing a firearm into a school building.

The male student, who was not identified, allegedly brought the handgun inside and showed it to another student in a bathroom around 6:45 a.m. Monday, well before classes began for the day.

After the encounter, the 15-year-old walked out of the building and skipped all of his classes on Monday. He was not seen on the campus for the rest of the day.

"Left school, left campus with the firearm," said Bay City Public Schools Superintendent Steve Bigelow. "The firearm was not in school the entire school day."

Police believed the student left the building in a pick-up truck. On Monday night, they were able to find the teen at a relative's house in Hampton Township, where he was taken into custody.

Authorities found a gun where the student lives, which is not far from Bay City Central High School. Police increased their presence in and around the building on Tuesday.

The incident occurred a week after Bay City residents passed a sinking fund millage. The added money will help pay for improvements to the district's school buildings, included security upgrades at Central High School.

"Having a vestibule area where we are able to have some increased coverage with cameras and also the ability to unlock and lock certain areas within the building with just the touch of a button," Bigelow said of upgrades that are coming.

He said just those security upgrades may have made it more difficult for a gun to be brought into the building.

"Would that have helped in this situation? Well, it certainly would have kept somebody from getting into the building in the first place," Bigelow said.

The school district will begin formal disciplinary action for the student. Bigelow said if everything occurred as the way police believe it did, the student will not return to school at Central High School.

"There is a mandatory expulsion process through the state of Michigan for any public school in Michigan," he said.

Police had not sought any criminal charges in the case as of Tuesday.

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