Diving brick breaks Bay City pool, causing massive flood in school

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BAY CITY (WJRT) (05/16/2019) - Students at T.L. Handy Middle School in Bay City are getting a three-day weekend after water from a swimming pool flooded part of the building.

About half of the six-lane pool flooded a tunnel system after a diving block somehow hit an underwater observation window and sprang a big leak.

Thousands of gallons of water emptied into the building and damaged electrical components. The school will be closed Friday, but other Bay City schools will have classes as scheduled.

Superintendent Stephen Bigelow said administrators are investigating exactly how it happened, but students were involved as there was a supervised class taking place in the pool at time of the incident.

The school lost power after the leak started and students were evacuated to the football field around 1:30 p.m.

While the water has been drained, crews were working to restore power that would run humidifiers and fans to dry out everything.

As far as damage estimates, the school district is waiting to hear from the insurance adjusters. The district hopes to have the mess cleaned up and class back in session by Monday.

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