Bay City commissioners approve recreational marijuana businesses

Published: Jul. 1, 2019 at 11:10 PM EDT
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Bay City opened the door for recreational marijuana businesses at the Monday night meeting.

The city is going to allow see several dozen businesses to set up shop because of this decision.

The city is looking for 25 businesses to sell and another 25 that'll focus more on growing marijuana.

Bay City's manager says they haven't received any applications yet, but expects that to change soon.

"So, we will start taking recreational soon. Part of the grow facility they have to have a ventilation system in place that does not emit the smell to the public," City Manager Dana Muscott said.

These businesses will have to be at least 500 feet away from schools and 100 feet away from a public parks.

Before these businesses even go up there's still one more hurdle owners will have to go through. They still need to get a state license then they'll go back to the city to get that license.

The city is charging $5,000 to get the license and another $5,000 to renew each year and that money generated from this would go into the general fund.

Commissioners John Davison and Rachelle Hilliker voted against the measure. Davison says he worries about the negative impact marijuana could have on the neighborhoods.

"We're looking at the future crimes that it promotes and brings out. Bangor Township has had a few break-ins already in their facilities out there. I'm worried about local businesses here," Davison said.

The city commissioners also voted to approve 50 medical marihuana businesses. The city manager says all of those have already been spoken for.

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