Bay City mayor explains veto of medical marihuana facility ordinance

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BAY CITY (WJRT) (12/29/2017) - Bay City Mayor Kathleen Newsham says the City Commission acted too hastily by increasing the number of allowed medical marihuana dispensaries, provisioning centers and growers.

That's why she vetoed an ordinance approved on Dec. 18 allowing medical marihuana facilities in the city. The City Commission will consider the ordinance again Tuesday, when they could vote again to override Newsham's veto.

In a notice to commissioners, Newsham said she was concerned by a late amendment to the ordinance that would allow up to 200 medical marihuana facilities in the city. The original draft would have capped that at 35 facilities.

Newsham also was concerned about a late revision that would allow medical marihuana facilities within 50 feet of court and public safety buildings. The earlier draft required 500 feet between public safety and medical marihuana facilities.

Specifically, Newsham was concerned a medical marihuana facility could open outside the Bay County Jail and tempt inmates when they are released.

Overriding Newsham's veto requires a two-thirds vote of commissioners.

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