Bay City to ask Governor Whitmer to declare state of emergency for shorelines

BAY CITY (WJRT)- (02/03/2020)- High water levels have been eating away Michigan's shoreline, and communities like Bay City, are being impacted by it.

Contractors install a shoreline erosion control barrier in Lake Huron along a stretch of M-25 in Sanilac County.

"The whole shoreline is suffering from the water issue. In Bay City, we have had damage to our boat launch, to our river walk and it's obviously a problem for our quality of life" said City Manager, Dana Muscott

Last month, Bangor Township leaders passed an emergency declaration request, asking the state and federal government for help.

Monday, Bay City joined them in that request by passing one as well.

"This is something that Bangor Township supervisor had asked us to join with him and we were happy to do that, because we were having issues. So all of us are gathering these resolutions of support and sending them to the governor and ultimately, she will have to ask the federal government for help,"City Manager, Dana Muscott

Mayor Kathleen Newsham while erosion may be more visible along the shoreline, it will take time to access the damage in their city

"Both Vets Park and Wenonah Park have sustained some damage that we can't even access yet because the water is still so high. So this is just trying to show them support but also, I believe we need to look into it to see what we can do as a city to help for some of the repairs that will be needed. said Mayor Kathleen Newsham,

The Board will certify the resolution by the end of the week, and then send it off to the Governor's office.

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