Break-ins, suspicious drone sightings have people in Bay County concerned

Published: Jan. 15, 2020 at 5:14 PM EST
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(1/15/2020) - People in Bay County are on edge after after two home break-ins that may involve crooks using drones to scout their targets.

Since Jan. 1, Fraser Township has had two break-ins and two reports of suspicious drones. It's not clear if the drones are related to the crimes, but investigators believe the criminals knew their victims were going through tough times.

"We were at my father-in-law's funeral," said Logan Lauzon of Fraser Township.

On Jan. 9, Lauzon and his family came home from the funeral and realized they had a break-in.

"Discovered that cash was stolen from any of the bedrooms, all the change, all the cash and jewelry," he said.

The thieves made their way through the front door.

"Doors were locked. Looks like they used some prying device," Lauzon said.

Their home wasn't the only one targeted on the day of a funeral. On Jan. 2, a home on North 7 Mile Road was broken into. The criminals took cash and a gun.

The family that lived there was away from home, attending the funeral for a relative, said Bay County Sheriff's Lt. Jim Chlebowski.

The Bay County Sheriff's Office has put additional patrols in the area. Police have also received reports of suspicious drone sightings in Fraser Township since the first of the year.

Lauzon has been hearing from neighbors who have seen drones in the area and wonder if his home was targeted by one before their home was broken into.

"Sounds like they might be window-peeking with drones while you are gone just to kind of see what rooms, because obviously these people were targeting specific areas," he said.

Chlebowski said it's not clear if the break-ins and drone sightings are connected.

"They could look inside your house and see what you had, or check which doors could be a possible point of entry," he said.

Chlebowski is advising anyone in the area to be on the look out for suspicious activity.

"It if doesn't fit, give us a call, call 911," Chlebowski said.

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