Bay County shoreline residents prepare for storm surge

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BAY COUNTY (WJRT) - As we continue our team coverage, all eyes will be on Saginaw Bay shoreline.

It's going to get heavily hit by winds, ice, and snow.

And as many shoreline areas prepare for potential flooding, one Bay County neighborhood is nervously watching to the northeast.

"I'm a nervous person, I get really nervous," says Colleen Flood.

There are quite a few people who live at Wenona Beach Estates along Saginaw Bay who are a little nervous about the predicted storm, including Colleen Flood, whose last name adds a bit of irony to the story.

She is concerned because this has happened in the past, water from Saginaw Bay pushing onto land, surrounding homes in the neighborhood.

"If it rains a lot, if we get twenty mile an hour winds, this whole area and around my whole house gets flooded," she says.

"I don't want to have to go out for anything if I don't have to, I had appointments for tomorrow but I got those all re-arranged," says Annette Volkmer.

Her husband Bud is bringing in the supplies that will last through the weekend. She's hoping a sea wall that was put in place last year will keep the water out. Before the sea wall?

"Twice we were under water, we had the fire department come and knocking if we needed help getting out," Volkmer says.

The family has already heard from relatives in Alma that if it gets too bad here, they are welcome there. Wolkmer's biggest concern is being without power for a few days.

"The wind is my big concern, I think our power lines are underneath but you never know where its going to hit and if its going to affect us," she says.

Flood is not taking any chances, especially with the responsibility of watching her grandchild on Saturday.

"I'm going to get a hotel room with a pool and we are going to have some fun," Colleen says.