Bay County’s Habitat for Humanity works to restore homes and parks

Volunteers with Habitat for Humanity in Bay County are spending a week fixing up homes and cleaning up parks.

BAY COUNTY (WJRT) (7/23/2019) - Volunteers with Bay County Habitat for Humanity were up early Tuesday morning for a busy day of work at the corner of Thomas and Catherine streets.

"The more volunteers we have the more work we can do,” said Executive Director Brian Krause.

For at least one week out of the year, volunteers will paint, do some landscaping or construction work to homes in Bay City.

"We go through and we talk to homeowners and we get homeowners to agree to do some work on their homes,” he said.

It's all part of the annual Neighborhood Revitalization Project. They work hard on every single home, whether it's repairing the porch or even yard work.

“When people are working two or three jobs, they just don't have time and maybe they don't have the money to do that,” Krause said. "We have our sponsors that come up and give us grants and we can afford to do a lot of this work."

After volunteers are finished with a home, they enjoy the homeowner’s reaction.

"They can't believe it, they're looking at their house like, 'OMG, this is my house,'” Krause said.

The team works to clean up parks as well.

"We're going to paint the pavilions. We're going to do some landscaping stuff," Krause said. "It's better for the kids. You build a better sense of community."

They do as much work as they can in the week and pick it back up next year, if needed.

"We've kind of been in this same area just until we feel we've covered everything that we can and you can't do it in a year, because it's a week and you can't do it in a week, you can't do it in five weeks,” said Bay County Habitat President Kathy Divine.

Anyone willing to volunteer this week can email Krause at or call 989-493-0240.