Beaches around the state at risk of disappearing due to high water levels of Great Lakes

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IOSCO COUNTY (06/11/2019) - Have you noticed your favorite beach slowly disappearing?

If not, you'll be in for a surprise next time you head to the lake.

Water levels around the state - including the some Great Lakes - are at record highs.

Tawas Point State Park is among those beaches that the rising waters are taking a toll on the shore.

"In My 16 years here, I've never seen the water this high," said Micah Jordan, Park Supervisor at Tawas Point State Park.

Jordan says the lack of beach may scare people away but it's also an issue for infrastructure.

"It's been taking a lot of our extra dollars and money we use to maintain and provide other recreational opportunities,” said Jordan. “it's taking that money away and we're having to use that to protect our infrastructure which is a huge detriment."

Lori Jager traveled from Imlay City but was surprised when she got there.

"We might not have come here if we knew it was this bad, I mean we come here for the beach,” said Jager.

She’s been seeing the impact of high amounts of rain the state has had in the farming community in Imlay City.

And 5 years ago, when Jager came to Tawas Point State Park, she recalls it being completely different.

"You used to be able to walk down to the point where the light is now and you can't get to it, said Jager. “It's all underwater down there, and there are trees in the water. It's kind of sad."

Dean Trainor has been running Tawas Point Grill on the shore for 3 years - now he's worried without much of a beach people won’t come.

"At first it was scary because I put a lot of money, hard work and effort into this,” said Trainor. “And it got to a point where this is a realization this is Mother Nature."

He joked that until the water levels go down, people can just ride their boats up to his restaurant and he’ll bring the food out.

But Trainor is hoping this return to normal someday.

"I'm just hopeful and we can just hold on and maybe someday the big old beach will come back," said Trainor.

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