Bentley teens use Eagle Scout project to give back to future generations

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BURTON (WJRT) - (08/04/2019) - Three Burton Boy Scouts are working their way to the rank of Eagle Scout.
And they are building new opportunities for future generations on their way.

It's been a long year of planning, waiting, designing, more waiting and now finally building.
But for Jaxon McDaniel, his brother Oliver and Samuel Mobley - their hard work has finally paid off as the project wraps up at Barhitte Elementary.

(Oliver) -- "This is something that I think every scout drives towards because only 2% make it to Eagle,” said 15-year-old Oliver. “It's the highest rank you can get. Ever since I was like 6, I wanted to get here."

The three Bentley High school students are close to earning the rank of Eagle Scout and just one final thing remains - their service project.

"We were approached by the school because all three of us were looking for Eagle Scout projects and the school was like hey we have some ideas,” said 17-year-old Jaxon. “We all went to elementary here so we were all like let's make it bigger and better and move on and help educate."

The school asked the three young men to build a play area geared towards the nature-infused kindergarten area.

Each student worked on a project of their own.
Jaxon created a stage with a handicap ramp and benches for seating.
Samuel repurposed the sandboxes into planting boxes as well as building a mud kitchen.
Oliver's job was an educational area focusing on music, maths, and English and build a fence around the area.

"It's for the outdoor class so we wanted to make it so they could learn science and be able to learn their outdoor skills here with their teachers and just have a nice place to be able to learn," said 15-year-old Samuel.

The work was difficult at times, and many hands played a role. Whether it was through sponsorships, donating supplies or money, or offering some physical help and expertise.

The scouts say it was a learning experience that taught them...

"It was basically adapt and overcome,” said Samuel.

The project lasted nearly a year because the plans required an architect as well as state approval.
And when they finally received clearance, Mother Nature didn't help much.

(Jaxon) -- "We got all that rain in May,” said Jaxon. “Then June and early July we got zero rain here so the ground was so dry and extremely hard so we actually had to go and get a hydraulic auger."

Now that the project is nearly finished - the Bentley students take in all their hard work.

"It makes me happy because when I was a kid, around here, this would have been so cool,” said Oliver.
"It's nice to have an area where they can actually learn because before they didn't have any of this,” said Samuel.

The special play area will be holding a ribbon-cutting and open house on August 22nd.

The scouts could still use a little bit of help to finish the project – milled asphalt for a tricycle pathway in the area.
If you or someone you know can help, the young men say the best way is to contact the Bentley School District at (810) – 591-9120.

Here is a list of those who contributed that the boys would like to thank.
H2A architect for providing the blueprints, Burton Kiwanis, Goyette Mechanical, Bentley Community Schools, Churches Lumber, L&M Landscaping, Pioneer Cabinetry, Home Depot, Lowe's, Meijer, Brian Osborn, Jeremy Corthals, Mark Perry, Joe Durant, Rick Philp, Dave Beebe, Thomas Durant, Big Apple Bagels and Donna
Donna's Donuts.

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