Bishop International Airport's TSA agents begin awareness campaign

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FLINT (WJRT) - (4/19/19) - Bishop International Airport may not be as busy as larger cities, but travelers might be surprised by how many prohibited items the TSA collects in just one month.

Nobody likes to wait in long lines at the airport. But that's one of the consequences from having items taken from your carry-on luggage.

For the hundreds of thousands of passengers who travel through Flint's Bishop International Airport each year, going through the TSA checkpoint can be a necessary hassle for their safety.

But, it could go more smoothly with a bit more planning.

"Some people carry it every day, like a lot of the pepper spray, a lot of people, women carry it. They don't realize that it's something that they have on them every day," said Dorothy Hollobaugh, a TSA supervisor at Bishop.

Rules are strict when it comes to what is and isn't allowed. In just the month of March, passengers tried to bring on-board everything from liquor and tools, to knives and even a fake gun.

A few of the more unusual things people have boarded with at Bishop International Airport include a bag of frozen raccoons and a doctor carrying a human skull.

Becoming more familiar with what is allowed can go a long way.

"We've had passengers go through without prohibited items, with prohibited items, and we've noticed that the wait times could be as much as four times longer," said TSA regional spokesman Mark Howell.

The TSA website and social media channels all offer lists of what is and isn't allow, along with tips for travelers to get through security as quickly as possible.

Another way travelers can speed up their boarding experience is through the TSA pre-check program, which has been around for about five years. It allows passengers to bypass the traditional long lines.

Fill out a few forms, supply fingerprints and pay an $85 fee to skip the TSA lines for up to five years.

"Historically, five minutes or less wait time in pre-check lanes. It moves much, much quicker than standard lanes because you don't have to take those things out of your bag and you don't have to remove your shoes and light outerwear," Howell said.

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