Bishop airport stabbing trial begins with disturbing testimony from police

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FLINT (WJRT) (11/7/2018) - A 14-person jury was solidified Wednesday during day two of the trial in the case against Amor Ftouhi.

Next, the head U.S. Attorney on the case made his opening argument, repeatedly telling the jury Amor Ftouhi wanted to kill and be killed.

The federal government charged the Canadian National just days after the alleged attack in June 2017, for stabbing Bishop Airport Officer Lt. Jeff Neville in the neck twice.

The government claims he had plans to kill Lt. Neville, steal his gun and continue killing others at the airport in the name of Allah.

But , we heard testimony Wednesday that plan was stopped quickly thanks to airport maintenance worker, Richard Krul.

On the stand, Krul recalled hearing Lt. Neville "Let out a loud moan of agony." He said he then turned and saw a large 12-inch survival knife go down his shoulder.

That's when Krul said he locked arms with Ftouhi and took him down. Next, he explained he and Lt. Neville held him on the ground until Lt. Dan Owens and the police chief arrived.

Lt Owens said Ftouhi screamed several comments along the lines of "Allah Akbar, kill all infidels for what we've done in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan." And, he said he asked why they didn't shoot him.

At one point, Krul said he went into the bathroom to clean Neville's blood off of him and saw two bags left in a stall.

He told Lt. Owens who then shut down and evacuated the airport.

It's believed those belonged to Ftouhi.

The U.S. Attorney has 16 other witnesses lined up to take the stand in the case against Amor Ftouhi.

As the government works to prove the charges to a jury, we learned more about what the defense has planned.

It appears Ftouhi's defense attorney will be working to prove her client was depressed at the time of the alleged attack, that he was having financial issues and was troubled.

Several issues were brought up during a motion hearing this morning.

We learned Ftouhi tried to admit into evidence photos of his family, including his three kids and wife of 20 years.

Ftouhi's attorney explaining it'll give the jury a better sense of who he's talking about in terms of his depression and desperation. But, the judge said that'll create undue sympathy.

However, drawings by his daughter found inside his vehicle at the time of his arrest will be allowed. And, so will several of his bank statements.

It's still to be determined if comments Ftouhi made to an investigator in an interview after his arrest can be used. Those include that he was "Hopeless, alone and upset he couldn't provide for his family."

The government is against using them.

The Judge will make his decision on that first thing tomorrow morning.

And, if they can be used, Ftouhi's defense attorney will likely then make her opening arguments.

Ftouhi has been sitting calmly sandwiched between his defense attorney and translator throughout the trial so far.

The case is expected to last through next week.

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