Bob Ross ornament a hot ticket item at Bronner's Christmas Wonderland

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FRANKENMUTH (WJRT) - (07/22/2019) - Christmas in July?
Bronner's Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth is seeing a new ornament fly off its shelves this summer.

Inspired by the iconic American painter and PBS star Bob Ross, the ornament was introduced last month and customers have been loving it.

While there's no wrong way to decorate a Christmas tree, sometimes there are mistakes, other times there are just happy accidents.

"This is Bob Ross, we picked him up in January,” said Jessica Swartzendruber, the merchandise buy at Bronner’s who brought the ornament to the store. “I just happened to see him the showroom and knew his merchandise was in other stores. He came in on June 6th and by June 29th I had to place another order."

As of Monday morning, 309 of the ornaments had been sold.
They've been selling so fast, Swartzendruber, had to place a third order Monday.

"We got some more in and actually today I had to place another order, he's selling so fast,” said Swartzendruber. “Today online alone I sold 79 of them."

When she was looking for something new to add to Bronner’s catalog, Swartzendruber thought Ross and his down to earth hippie look might just have a shot to be this year's "must-have" ornament.

But even Jessica will admit....there's no way she thought that the man that made trees and birds so wildly popular would be this successful.

"There were actually a couple of different ornaments I could choose from,” said Swartzendruber. “This is the one that caught my eye because this is more natural clothing that he wore. He has the palette and it has the saying there are no mistakes, just happy accidents."

The ornaments are selling for $14.99.
And because of the success, fans of the famous painter will be able to get their hands on another Ross-inspired ornament at Bronner's soon.

"We picked up another Bob Ross ornament, it should be here in about a week or two weeks,” said Swartzendruber. “It's going to be a glass paintbrush with his picture on the front of it.”

If you would like to get your hands on one of these ornaments you have a few options.

You can give Bronner’s a call at (989) 652-9931, visit them in-store, or you can purchase it online, and that link is attached to this story.

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