Boil water advisory issued after water main break in Flint neighborhood

FLINT (WJRT) (9/18/2019) - A Flint neighborhood was placed under a boil water advisory after a water main break overnight.

The water main broke along Briar Hill Road near Westwood Parkway around 3 a.m. The Flint Department of Public Works issued an advisory for the whole neighborhood south of Miller Road and east of Ballenger Highway.

Streets affected are Westwood Parkway, Briar Hill Road, Colchester Road, Parkside Drive, Overhill Drive, Crooked Lane, Hawthorne Avenue and Hampden Road.

The water main break and repairs caused a loss of pressure in the system, which can allow potentially harmful bacteria into the pipes.

Residents in that neighborhood should filter their water and boil it before cooking, drinking, washing dishes, making ice or brushing teeth. Failing to filter the water first can worsen the effects of lead in the water.

Residents along Westwood Parkway started having concerns about their water main main about two weeks ago.

"A few weeks ago we started having a minor leak. I called our city councilman, he called someone, they came out and looked at it and said it's not that bad," said resident Matt Telligate.

He said blew open around 9:30 p.m., sending water several feet into the air.

"It blew. I mean it went up in the sky and just started gushing water," said Telligate.

Flint officials say a crew came out to inspect the situation, but didn't find a major issue. Now, they're stuck dealing with a significant repair that is causing a hardship for the neighborhood.

Telligate said crews weren't able to shut off the water until the early morning hours of Wednesday. Hours later, Flint Department of Public Works Director Robert Bincsik said crews still are working on repairs.

"We did have a couple guys come over here and try to close the valve on both ends of the block to isolate it from the system," said Bincsik.

Flint officials plan to go door-to-door in the neighborhood to alert residents about the boil water advisory.

Binscik said the city has seen fewer water main breaks this year compared to past years.