Bold car wash thief leaves costly damage

Published: Apr. 12, 2017 at 11:33 PM EDT
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(04/12/17) - "Broke into our vending machines, damaged the vending machines beyond use and a couple of the bays. And Monday night, it was the automatic," explained Bubbles Galore Owner Brad Crater

He tells us he believes the same suspect hit them twice, in the early morning hours of both Friday and Monday.

Now, one bay is out of order, as well as a vacuum station. And, the automatic car wash can only take credit cards.

"About 40% of our business comes through the automatic and so it's down right now; and, losing a bay, you know, that's a 5th of the bays we have," Crater explained.

Never good for business, but Crater added it hurts even worse this time of year.

He explained, "This is the time of year people want to get the salt and the mud off their cars, you know, spring time's our best time of year, our busiest time."

So he fears they could lose even more money, on top of the thousands of dollars and time it'll cost to repair their machines.

"The damage far exceeds any amount they could possibly get from us," he said. "I'm sure they're looking to get some money, but it's quarters, you can't get a whole lot of them."

Crater tells us they filed a report with Flint Township Police who are looking into it.

And they reached out to other area car washes who've told them they experienced similar damage, too.