Bomb threat, rumors of student shooting Swartz Creek High School deemed false

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SWARTZ CREEK (WJRT) (2/27/2018) - There's a heavy police presence at Swartz Creek High School stemming from an incident last Friday.

That incident involved a student, a teacher and a written bomb threat.

Police say they got a call Friday morning that there was some sort of issue that happened between a teacher and a student. While police were there, they became aware of a bomb threat that was written on a bathroom wall.

Police say the bomb threat was determined to be false and it was not related to the incident between the teacher and the student.

Over the weekend and through Tuesday, however, police say lots of rumors have been circulating on social media. Many indicated that the student involved in Friday's incident was going to shoot up the school Monday or Tuesday.

Police have talked with the student at length and determined there is no connection at all between the two incidents.

Metro Police Authority of Genesee County Lt. Matt Bade said the entire situation has been time consuming for his officers.

"We spend a tremendous amount of our resources tracking down what ultimately becomes a rumor or maybe someone who initiated something, thinking it's fun, or disruptive for the school," he said. "They get time off and it drains our resources."

Swartz Creek Community Schools administrators declined to comment on the incident. However, a post on Facebook from the Superintendent Ben Mainka said student safety is the top priority.

The district incentivizes students by rewarding them for information about students making these threats.

Parents are planning to meet at Swartz Creek Middle School at 7 p.m. today to discuss facility needs and capital projects, including security measures.

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