Bridgeport High School student brings gun to school, is arrested

BRIDGEPORT (WJRT)- (05/16/18)- "We talk to students all the time about if you see something, say something. We don't know if they get it, but in this instance, the student got it and did the right thing and we're glad," Said Bridgeport Schools Superintendent, Carol Shelby.

That reminder to students at Bridgeport High School paid off big time Wednesday, when a student alerted school officials that another students was in possession of a gun inside the school.

"Extremely frightening because I know I think about all the other news stories in the country where staff and students are injured or killed and the first thing I thought, oh God, not us," Shelby said.

Bridgeport Schools Superintendent Carol Shelby says school officials immediately confronted the student.

"He was very compliant and cooperative when he was confronted. There was no, he wasn't belligerent or anything," Shelby said.

Shelby says the student says he brought the gun to school for protection.

"Don't know the circumstances, don't even know for sure who they felt they needed protection from was in this building, but it is what it is, but he brought the gun and I'm so glad he didn't use it," Shelby said.

The school went into secure mode while officials dealt with the situation.

"That means that you don't have wandering around the hallways, you're going to stay in the classroom. We didn't feel it was an imminent threat to the staff and students of the building," Shelby said.

The 16 year old student was arrested and taken to juvenile detention.

He has been charged with possession of firearm on school property and possession of a stolen firearm. In Bridgeport.

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