Broward County Sheriff's deputy charged for Parkland shooting response

Photo: Broward County Public Schools

BAY CITY (WJRT)- (06-05/19)- A former Broward County Sheriff's deputy-- the school resource officer at the time of the Parkland Florida School mass shooting.

"We're there to protect the kids. We have to stand between gunfire and kids to get them home," said Critical Incident Management President, Tom Mysnberge.

The charges come down after a 15 month long investigation-- Officials say his inaction that cost lives.

As president and founder of Critical Incident Management, Tom Mynsberge has been preparing schools for active shooter situations for nearly 20 years.

He says officers have a duty to respond-- even in the face of danger.

"We are sworn to protect the public, and sometimes there's good days and sometimes there's bad days. And on a bad day like that, that's what they public expects from us, That we will rise to the occasion and you go confront the gunman, even if he is totally afraid of it, throw some shots down the hall keep them undercover," Mysnberge said.

Scot Peterson faced a judge in Florida today-- he's facing 11 criminal charges-- including child neglect and perjury.

Surveillance video shows Peterson outside of the school while the gunman shot and killed 17 teachers and students and injured 17 more.

Investigators say Peterson never went inside.

If convicted-- Peterson faces up to 96 years in prison.

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