Buckham Art Gallery moves to new location

FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) - A big move comes this week for a long time art Gallery in downtown Flint.

"One of the only negatives that we only felt for 34 and a half years across the street up stairs, was the fact that we were up stairs and there is a population that cant do stairs," says artist and board member, Michael Melet.

That won't be the case anymore. With a shift to the other side of 2nd street and down a floor, the art gallery will now be more accessible.

"A lot of people were not able to attend our openings or see our exhibits, so we are now in a space that is accessible to the whole community," says executive director, Lynn Penning.

After months of construction, Buckham Art Gallery will open this Friday, showing off multiple artists and multiple pieces of work.

"We are having our first opening reception this Friday, Jan 11th during Flint's Art walk," says Penning. "The hours are 6-9 and were hoping everybody in the community comes down to check out the new place.

In addition to new exhibits each month, the gallery will be hosting open mic nights and workshops to get the community more involved in the arts.