Buena Vista Township seeks demolition of blighted motel

BUENA VISTA TOWNSHIP (WJRT) - (03/14/19) - A Saginaw County motel which has been closed since 2016 is moving closer to being torn down.

Wednesday evening a show-cause hearing was held to decide what would happen next with the Welcome Inn and Suites in Buena Vista Township.

A hearing office ruled in favor of the township which is asking the motel owner makes repairs, or lose it to the township.

Buena Vista Township Superintendent Torrie McAfee said there's a long list of violations including pests, mold and more.

"The electrical system has failed, the suppression system is non-functioning. The balcony on the second level, there's a part of it that you can not walk on because there's just a beam holding it up. So there's so many code violations over there," McAfee said.

At the meeting Buena Vista Township leaders called it dangerous and unsafe, and fear it could collapse.

The township believes the repairs would cost around $1 million, but demolishing it would cost around $200,000.

If it ends up in their hands the township plans to knock it down.

McAfee said while it's been closed for a while, a family lives in part of the building.

She said the building is blighted and it's prime location along Holland Avenue off of I-75 makes it an eyesore.

"Once you come into the township it's one of the first things that you see, and it's not, it doesn't make the best impression," McAfee said. "And the owners, they were aware of all the infractions in the building. They've made no steps in order to try to make the necessary repairs to bring it up to code, to improve the look of it, and so at this time it needs to go, it just needs to go."

The owner has 21 days to appeal.

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