Buena Vista Township's newest police hire already considers her boss a longtime mentor

BUENA VISTA TOWNSHIP (WJRT) - (11/09/17) - At just 25 years old, Alexis Frierson is Buena Vista Township's newest police officer.

Frierson is Reggie Williams' first hire since becoming Buena Vista Township police chief, but he's already quite familiar with this rookie officer.

"There has been a mentor-mentee relationship there for some years now and to watch her progress has really been exciting and for her to become an officer is very, very exciting," Williams said.

Before hitting the road to patrol the streets of Buena Vista Township, Frierson was patrolling the court as a point guard for Arthur Hill girls high school basketball. Williams was her coach.

"I mean, it's so exciting, so exciting to go from coach to player, to chief to officer is unbelievable," Frierson said.

Surprisingly, in the all of the years he coached her, Williams said he had no idea Frierson even had an interest in law enforcement.

"One thing I did see was her ability to lead. She was team captain when she played for me. She knows how to talk to people, how to communicate with them and she's very respectful in the way she does things," Williams said. "I remember times where she had to talk to me as captain to a coach and basically checked me and helped me be a better coach."

But Frierson, who grew up in Saginaw and for a time lived in Buena Vista Township, felt a desire to make a difference in her community. Law enforcement seemed like a natural choice.

"Just being able to break those barriers between police and community, I fell in love with that," said Frierson.

Throughout her basketball career, Frierson served as captain. Could that one day be a role she could play in law enforcement?

"I don't know what that would be as of right now, because I'm still just learning my position as a patrol officer. I'm just looking forward to a great future here at Buena Vista Township," she said.

Williams is not Frierson's only mentor in law enforcement. Her college coach was also a police officer for the city of Flint.

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