Burton places clerk and deputy clerk on leave pending investigation

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BURTON (WJRT) - (10/05/2017) - Two high ranking employees for the city of Burton are on administrative leave while police conduct an investigation into a land deal.

Burton Mayor Paula Zelenko said the city decided to take this action on the advice of their attorneys.

Police investigated a citizen complaint about a land deal, which is now in the hands of the Genesee County Prosecutor.

But the clerk's attorney insists this is all a private matter that is no way connected to the clerk's role with the city.

"My client, Miss Karsney, the clerk has been brought into this matter because I think they're claiming that a notary was done incorrectly," said Matthew Norwood, her attorney.

He believes this all stems from a dispute between Deputy Clerk Racheal Ervin-Boggs and a private citizen over a land deal.

According to the Genesee County Prosecutor, Karsney is accused of notarizing a document that the alleged signer said he did not sign in her presence, as required by law. It's still unclear if that was done in an official capacity as part of her work with the city.

Karsney's attorney insists this has nothing to do with her role as city clerk.

"This was a private matter and it really belongs in private, civil court," Norwood said.

The mayor says that's up to the prosecutor to decide. She says the decision to place both employees on leave was to protect the city and the two women.

"The only thing we can do is hope and pray that the clerk and the deputy clerk are staying strong and we can pray no criminal activity and everybody goes back to their jobs," Zelenko said.

The prosecutor's office is still reviewing this case. Ervin-Boggs did not return messages seeking comment Thursday.

While the two are on leave, the city council voted Thursday night to have the Davison Township Clerk help with the November election.

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