Business owners rejoice as Hill Road reopens

Published: Sep. 5, 2019 at 12:24 PM EDT
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(9/5/2019) - Traffic is finally getting back to normal for King Arthur's Pasties after months of construction along Hill Road took a toll on their business.

They're hoping with a new roadway comes some new life.

"At first it just gradually starting dipping, but last month we were losing about $500 a day," said store manger Daniel Wilenius.

Thankfully, that time is over, as the cones have been pulled off the road. With Hill Road fully open, King Arthur's store manager is already seeing an uptick in sales.

"Before, it looked like we were in a town of 100 people. Now, it's back to normal," Wilenius said. "You're seeing the consistent traffic going through, the people stopping at the light and looking over and saying, 'Let's turn in there and give them a shot.' So, were getting a lot more business than what we were when they first started the project."

While some businesses along Hill road changed their hours or even closed for the duration of the work, Wilenius said they wanted to hold strong.

"We had a few times where we thought about closing down while they were doing the construction, but we figured we had such loyal customers that we had to stick it out ... through the rough times," he said.

While they're still waking up before the sun to get to work, Wilenius said at least they have a little better commute. The road is back to 45 mph, but there are still a few finishing touches that won't affect travel.