Body shops prepare for onslaught of business from first snow accidents

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FLINT (WJRT) - (11/9/18) - Although the first accumulating snow of the season didn't last long, it still caused a few headaches for Mid-Michigan drivers this morning.

A number of businesses are benefiting from the snow, but also from another weather-related factor.

There was enough snow to paint a picturesque scene across Mid-Michigan Friday morning. A coating of white reminded people of what lies ahead in the coming months, as well as kick off the holiday season.

But, it was also slick enough to cause a few problems.

"This will be the season, the start of the season, where we get a lot more phone calls right at the beginning of the day. It seems like everybody forgets to drive that first little bit of cold, slick weather," said Scott Hubbs, manager of McFall's Collision.

There's another reason the colder weather is putting some extra green into the cash registers and it's not coming from a coating of white -- but a white tail.

"In the winter-time, there's definitely more high-dollar jobs. The harder hits, more total losses, that sort of thing," Hubbs said.

The colder weather has kept deer more active than they normally would be, accounting for more accidents ahead of firearm deer season.

"The deer have been moving a little bit earlier than normal this year. We have had quite a few deer hits leading up to the colder weather too," Hubbs said.

Aside from accidents with deer, body shops won't have to rely on just the big storms to stay busy this winter.

"It's not a lot of work from the deep snow, because people tend to slow down a little bit more. It's just the stuff like we had this morning, where it's just enough to make the roads slick where everybody is still trying to go the speed limit," said Hubbs.

Expectations are this is just the start of what could be yet another very busy season.

Drivers are urged to use caution and slow down when the flakes fly and be prepared for deer trying to cross roadways.

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